GWPC Member Notices

GWPC Memberships Now Due

The GWP Club memberships fall due on 1st January 2020 and must be paid in full by the 31st January 2020. Members who miss the deadline will have to reapply for membership and will be charged an additional 25% surcharge, if accepted.

UK memberships are - £12.00 Single / £15.00 Joint / £6.00 Junior. Overseas memberships are £14.00 Single / £17.00 Joint / £6.00 Junior.

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AGM Items & Nominations Deadline

Any nominations for the committee or for Office Bearer positions (2020) should be submitted to the Secretary by 1st January 2020. Any submissions for the Agenda should also be submitted by the this date.

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Contact the Committee

If you wish to contact a specific committee member of the GWPC, simply click for contact details.

For all general enquiries and any other club information, please contact the GWPC Club Secretary, Rob Geary, as below: