The German Wirehaired Pointer Club

About the Club

History of the Club

It was in 1976 when the late Major George Wilkinson called a meeting for GWP enthusiasts to get together with the intention of forming a UK breed club, four years later the Kennel Club recognised the GWPC. The club celebrated it’s official 25th Anniversary year in 2006, since gaining KC recognition and is now in its 45th year..

We are the only KC recognised Club for our breed and as such are able to organise KC licenced Shows, Field Trials, Working Tests and other events, whose awards are recognised by the Kennel Club

Join Us

The Club welcomes new breed enthusiasts, help or assistance for various events and general support of our breed

Membership Renewal

Membership fees are due on 1st January each year. To renew your membership click below.

Club Management

The GWP Club is is run entirely by volunteers, elected by the membership or co-opted by the elected Committee, to manage the affairs of the club in the best interests of the breed.

GWPC Information

This section groups together the latest versions of key GWPC documents, that you can download.

GWP Club Rules

The latest version of the GWP Club Rules (last updated March 2018)

GWP Club Code of Ethics

The latest version of the GWP Club Code of Conduct.

About a Breed Club

We are responsible to the KC as custodians of the GWP breed standard and work with and advise the KC on all matters regarding breed health guidelines and mandatory health tests for registration of puppies.

Our goal is to maintain and promote the breed as a ‘fit for function’ hunt, point and retrieve breed, that is also suitable as a family member.

What We Do

The Club’s activities are focussed in three main areas:

Look After The Breed

The Club provides breed specific input into the KC on our Breed Standard.

We manage a number of KC related activities such as maintaining breeder code of conduct policies, running judge education seminars and managing judge accreditations.

Organise Club Events

The Club organises a number of events each year ranging from Shows (Championship & Open), Working Tests, Spring Pointing Tests, Field Trials, Training Days and Educational Seminars.

Support and Fund Rescue

The GWPC Rescue is a network of volunteers who do amazing work helping dogs in need, supported by fundraising activities of the GWP Club.