GWPC HPR Working Test

Chatsworth Estate, 8th August 2021


Judged by Louise Holmes and Lloyd Birch (Water)

1. Gilleyfield Bairrfhoin (GWP) handled by Mr R Ferguson

2. Aytee Oceania (GSP) handled by Mrs L Hustler

3. Jorgei Ingo (GSP) handled by Mr D Aldridge

4. Kenxtwen Might Maguire (GWP) handled by Mr L Jones


Judged by Lee Loveridge, James Reavil and Lloyd Birch (Water)

1. Beechwood Fate (HWV) handled by Mr S Walker

2. Angel Warrior (WEI) handled by Mr J Kirkham

3. Bareve By Moonlight (GWP) handled by Mrs M Johnson

4. Ynyslas Deadly Accurate (GWP) handled by Mr I Jones

COM Fourlums Tavaszi (HWV) handled by Mrs Y Deighton

COM Easesprings Oberon at Nuash (GSP) handled by Ms N Hamlin


Judged by Peter Szalai and Lloyd Birch (water)

1. Madreliath Escavatore (BI) handled by Miss M Ansell

2. Rollenwood Magheralin of Riffmuir (GSP) handled by Mr A Learmonth

3. Tweed Mull (HWV) handled by Mr S Bennett

4. Galfred Pitty Point (HV) handled by Mr J Bennett