Working Events

Season 2021-2022 Field Trial Information

The GWPC Field Trials for season 2021-2022 are now being actively arranged by our newly appointed acting Field Trial Secretary, Malin Hewins.

2021 GWPC HPR Working Test

Chatsworth Estate, Derbyshire
8th August 2021

PuppyJudge – Louise Holmes.
NoviceJudge – Lee Loveridge & James Reavil
OpenJudges – Peter Szalai.
Water Judge – Lloyd Birch.

HPR Field Trial

Open (Grouse) 12th August 2021

Coverhead Estate, North Yorkshire

Judges: Pete Bakewell [A 2568]

Geoff Saint [B 3730]

HPR Field Trial

All Aged (Partridge) 25th September 2021

Coates Marsh Farm, East Yorkshire

Judges: Lee Loveridge [A 3307]

Lloyd Birch [NP]

HPR Field Trial

Novice 30 October 2021

Judges Maureen Nixon [A2158] and Louise Holmes [NP]

HPR Field Trial

All Aged 11th January 2022

Judges Stevie Allerton [A2871] and Peter McCullough [NP]